Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holladayz!! A Year Ago This Week..

So I was looking through my old hard drive trying to see what I had done last year this week, and I came across this parking garage edit with Drew, Jake, and JW (I think I even have a gay little run in it too) from 12/27/07. Good thing I used this Kinks song last year before "What The F*$% Is A Bachinsky" came out! There were like 3 or 4 of these garage montages I never posted anywhere but SkatePerception, so many of you may have not seen this yet. Ah, how things have changed since then. New camera setup, new shop, all kinds of goodies. This was the closest thing to Christmas I had made last year, aside of the Turner 'tage Round 2. The weather isn't too frightful right now, aside of a little snow, and it's actually supposed to be like in the 60s on Friday (wtf??!) So until then, enjoy this little parking garage edit from this time last year and have a great and safe Christmas!!

A Year Ago This Week from Brian Ondrejka on Vimeo.

PS-I'm 85% sure Malto will have the next blog minute.

PSS-I think that I'm going to make this whole "A Year Ago This Week" a regular thing.


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