Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blog Minute-Rod Harper (and then some!)

Golly gee, the blog minutes are just stacking up in my hard drive! Rod's has been handled for about a week, but I decided to wait a little bit to post it. The anticipation is what makes it ten times better, right??! I sneak previewed this at the skate house for ASmith's birthday party on Friday, so some have seen this. But for those who haven't, boy you're in for a treat. I try not to be bias, but this is undoubtedly the best blog minute by far. However, J-Lo filmed a bunch for his, and is already over a minute..can he overtake Rod? Alright, I'll shutup. Here's Rod's amazing minute and some change at his and Joseph's home turf, RoPo.

Blog Minute-Rod Harper from Brian Ondrejka on Vimeo.

I also wanted to share this clip of first, Malto 5050ing this rail first try, and then Lovell and this power-tripped dude. What you see is only a fraction of what really went down. As Ryan and I were both getting in the car, the dude straight up threatened Lovell's life. More words were exchanged after I pulled out, and Lovell left the guy with a parting gift of a lugey all over the guy's truck.

Lovell & Friend from Brian Ondrejka on Vimeo.

Not done with this post yet! Just wanted to share a photo ASmith took of all of the homies in the bottoms this past weekend.

That's all for now! Get psyched for J-Lo, ASmith, Wes, Max, and Malto. Coming sooner than later! All in the works.


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