Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year-End Review

Well it has been quite a roller coaster of a year.  It's the end of the decade!

So much has happened and 2009 has gone by faster than any year I can remember.  Ever since Bryan passed in March, everything has become a blur.  Great skating, great friends, tons of footage, and great memories for this year.

I put together a little edit of my personal favorite clips from the various park montages I've made this past year.  All the way back to January 1, 2009 (Clinton's tre flip lip run at OP was on new years day, and most of OP8 was filmed on that day as well).  This stuff doesn't include blog minutes-there was already a 'best of' for those, duh! 

Enjoy and have a SAFE and happy New Year!  DON'T BE STUPID TONIGHT.

Best of 2009 Skateparks from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Topeka and Such

As I said in the previous post, there's a mix of Topeka footage in this montage.  Some from a hella cold day in late October I think, and the rest from the last warm day we had in November while filming Kevin's day in the life.  I threw some of the throwaway footage in there that we filmed on da streetz.

Enjoy you some J-cash.

Topeka Dos from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hard Drive Clean Up

I dug deep in the depths of my external to find some of this extra park footage that was collecting dust.  This stuff ranges from blog minute extras, park montage extras, so on etc.  Seeing some of this is making me stir crazy--the snow has outworn its welcome!!!

I also finished something from the last few times we went to Topeka.  One time being the first gnarly cold we had back in October, and the most recent time (the last fully warm day) in November when we filmed Kevin's Day in the Life (coming soon).  I'll put the Topeka stuff up tomorrow.

Hard Drive Park Throwaway from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

and Happy Holidays!  Have a great Christmas and safe New Year fools!

Happy Holladayz! from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not A Day Goes By..

That I don't wish this dude was still with us.

Miss you everyday Bry.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Indoor Extras

Here's a hefty amount of the clips that didn't make it into the montage. And no, it's still not officially open. Holla!

Indoor Throwaway from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.


Driving InTEXTicated

So I'm driving home from the bank up Nieman from 135th on my lunch hour, and wonder why there is a firetruck and two cops parked on the grass. I see no accident. I look to my right and see this:

This was probably 200 yards from my house. Pretty sweet how she came in from the left and missed the trampoline. Don't text and drive when you're driving down a curvy road. Dumb bitch.


Street Throwaway

Just around Thanksgiving I threw together some footage that won't be used for anything for you fools to check. Appropriately titled, "NO SLOWMO". Har har har.


No Slow Mo from Ride4Ever StudioSkate on Vimeo.


Sk8 Dice--LEDGE!

Kevin, Kyle, Joel, and the homies take the Sk8 Dice to the box at OP!

Untitled from Ride4Ever StudioSkate on Vimeo.


Sk8 Dice--Ledge/Rail!

Adam, Clinton, and Reggie show you whats up with some flatbar Sk8 Dice. Pick them up at Studio now!

Rail//Ledge Sk8 or Dice from Ride4Ever StudioSkate on Vimeo.


KC Indoor is Back??

....Well, almost.

A couple weeks ago we took about 3 days out of Cory's building schedule to break the park in. The park itself is done, but he has quite a bit of work to do to get up to code for the city building permits.

The park is epic--far surpasses the old KC Indoor. Kind of cold in there, as he's only heating the mini-ramp room and the upper viewing area, but if you're shredding, you won't be cold right?

Anyways, here's what came of those 3 days skating the park with Studio, Escapist, and other homies. (Watch for my tech-ness!)



Things have been crazy lately, and obviously I havent paid much attention to this as of late. But I'm back for good now.

You'll be able to find things on here that won't be on the Studio site, as well as things that are on the Studio site (but will have epic captions and stories).

So don't let go too fast, look out for more posts coming after the first of the year!