Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Things


I had Dillon post the brand new Young Gunz montage today, you should check that out-dudes ripping!

Filmed a day in the life with Dewayne on Saturday for the GroupFly site, as well as the Studio site. That's done, and should be on and Studio pretty soon. Then on Sunday went to Topeka with the homies and bared the 40 degree temps to handle some shit. Filmed a small portion of clips at Mousetrap park, so look for that little tage here in a day or so.

Other than that, just keep checking RIDEFOUREVER.COM for updates that I can't post on here!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Special Edition Blog Minute-Josh White

For some reason, I never envisioned Josh as liking Grandview park as much as he does. The first time we talked about a blog minute, he was always calling out Blue Springs. However, Swoger also had been calling that one out for a while. So I think this may have been a compromise. In any event, we went back to GV four different times I think to finish this, each for different lines/areas of the park. Well worth it for sure-enjoy this special edition Josh-tage.

Special Edition Blog Minute-Josh White from Ride4Ever/StudioSkate-Brian Ondr on Vimeo.